Eid Mubarak - Messages of celebration and support

A message from Greg Fell, Director of Public Health in Sheffield, with advice on how to celebrate Eid safely

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A message of support from Paul Blomfield, MP for Sheffield Central

Smoke Free Sheffield urge to people to #QuitForCOVID this Ramadan

Anyone can catch COVID-19, but smoking increases the risk even more. In their latest campaign, Smoke Free Sheffield explain that smokers are 14 times more likely to develop severe respiratory illness from Coronavirus.

Ramadan is a great opportunity to go smoke and Shisha free (an hour of smoking Shisha is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes), to protect yourself, your family, and the wider community. Read more on Smoke Free Sheffield's website by clicking the link below.

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health in Sheffield appeals to young people to stay at home.

Greg Fell, Director of Public Health in Sheffield, outlines the risks and potential consequences of young people not following the national advice of staying at home or social distancing during the Coronavirus epidemic.

Ashiana - Here for victims of domestic abuse

Local domestic abuse support charity, Ashiana, are launching a new campaign to let people know they're still here to help despite the lock-down.

They need everyone's help to get the message to victims of domestic and sexual abuse that they are here. Please visit to find out more and to download and share flyers in a number of languages commonly spoken locally.

Ramadan Mubarak - Stay home, Stop the spread, Save lives

A message from a number of public figures in Sheffield, who want Muslim and other communities to have as safe and healthy Ramadan as possible.

They are -

Shaykh Sadaqat Hussain - Imam at Madina Masjid

Paul Blomfield - MP for Sheffield Central

Colette Fitzgibbons- Inspector, South Yorkshire Police

Greg Fell - Director of Public Health, Sheffield City Council

Nighat Basharet- Founder/Director, Thalassmia South Yorkshire TSY

رمضان مبارک:-

اس وڈيو کلپ ميں ہمارے عظيم شہر شِفيلڈ کے کچھ اُن لوگوں نے مسلم کميونٹی کےممبران کے ليےاپنے پيغامات بھييجے ہيں جو دل کی اتھاہ گہرائيوں سے يہ چاہتے ہيں کہ آپ اس ماہِ مقدس ميں صحت مند اور محفوظ رہ کر رمضان کے روزے مکمل کريں۔